Youth Meeting Center
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The YMC is a group accommodation and education centre
for school groups, exchange projects, foundations, etc...

Here you will find general information about the Youth Meeting Center and about our projects regarding peace education aimed at following topics: History/Cemetery, Peace education, Social skills, Politics, Cultural, Art.

Our projects are more or less connected with the German military cemetery, which can be found directly next to the meeting center.
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film Boundaries II

Coming soon: "I'm not the war"

A bad actress and a good musician.
The dilemma: granddaughter of a Nazi grandfather
With humor, curiosity and self-mockery, jumps Caroline Zimmermann in to the dark side of her family history.
In the early winter months of 2013, we expect to present this show to you.
A matinee for high school kids followed by two evening performances for those who are interested.


Teacher information day "during school camp, learning from history" succesfull!

The Teacher information day at the 9th november 2012 was a great succes! We would like to thank all of the participants. 
interreg Duisland Nederland

Join the YMC Ysselsteyn drawing competition PEACE! 
Because of the international day for peace on the 21st of September 2012 the JOC Ysselsteyn organised a drawing competition with the topic PEACE! Only children from the primary school could enter the drawing contest. They tried to picture their idea of PEACE in a beautiful drawing. The winner of this contest is Demi Lamers, 11 years old! Her drawing was the most beautifull, over more than 100 other drawings.

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12th February 2012
Transfer of 4832 red hands to the Mayor of Venray, to stop the use of child soldiers!
Peel en Maas TV Thursday 16th February (Dutch)
overdracht 2012
Project possibilities (for these project prices)
2012 (only to book at the layer saison, with exception of the school leaver camp)
School-leavers camp primary education 3 days as from € 51,- p.p. full pension 3 days € 60,- p.p. full pension
Winter program 3 days as from € 57,50 p.p. full pension 3 days € 60,- p.p. full pension
On camp with your club 3 days as from € 51,- p.p. full pension 3 days € 62,50 p.p. full pension
School trip teacher education 3 days as from € 63,- p.p. full pension 3 days € 60,- p.p. full pension
Floriade Program 3 days as fom € 75,- p.p. full pension 3 days € 60,- p.p. full pension
Organise a red hand action against the use of childsoldiers!
A red hand has the symbol: Stop the use of childsoldiers. 

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